How To Buy RevivalX

3 min readJul 31, 2022


Before we get in to the details of how to buy RevivalX, there is a bit of information that you need to know.

Recently the flagship token of the RevivalDeFi Project, Revival, has seen a major overhaul. After many months of development, our new and improved token has been released as RevivalX.

Now, on to the specifics.

The first thing that you will need to do, is add the following 4 contract addresses to your wallet of choice. If adding manually, all contracts are 18 decimals.

  • RVLX Contract (0x96FD7b0a92b5F2A746f07b5e78ceda8eDc8dA3FE)
  • sRVLX Contract (0x73abBf935BF87E9045E8d8F283a96D4C8e4283C3)
  • rBUSD Contract (0xF97A801aCE6E2a167E793eF06cE3BeC009614C65)
  • Price Token (0xA1c6bB5B1E7d91931cBDc6b345616a3031bc49AC)

RVLX Contract (0x96FD7b0a92b5F2A746f07b5e78ceda8eDc8dA3FE)

The RevivalX contract is used to buy/sell & transfer your RVLX tokens.

Name: RevivalX ~ Symbol: RVLX ~ Decimals: 18

sRVLX Contract (0x73abBf935BF87E9045E8d8F283a96D4C8e4283C3)

This is the RevivalX Staking contract. This will show you all RVLX tokens that you have staked.

Name: Staked RVLX ~ Symbol: sRVLX ~ Decimals: 18

rBUSD Contract (0xF97A801aCE6E2a167E793eF06cE3BeC009614C65)

Adding this address to your wallet will show any pending BUSD rewards for you. These rewards can be claimed via our dApp or by sending these tokens to your own wallet which will auto-claim them and transfer them to BEP-20 BUSD.

Name: RVLX BUSD Rewards ~ Symbol: rBUSD ~ Decimals: 18

Price Token (0xA1c6bB5B1E7d91931cBDc6b345616a3031bc49AC)

Adding this price token contract to your wallet will show you the exact value of your RVLX holdings in dollar value at the current price on PancakeSwap without ever having the need to be listed on CoinMarketCap.

Name: RVLX Wallet Value ~ Symbol: USD ~ Decimals: 18

How To Buy RevivalX

Once you have added all of the contracts to your favorite wallet, buying RVLX is a snap. There are basically 2 options to purchase both RevivalX (RVLX) and Staked RevivalX (sRVLX).

RVLX — (Receives NO Rewards)

Option 1:

Send BEP-20 BNB to to the RVLX contract (0x96FD7b0a92b5F2A746f07b5e78ceda8eDc8dA3FE) and you will receive RVLX in return at the current price.

Option 2:

Visit Select “Output Token” and enter the RVLX contract (0x96FD7b0a92b5F2A746f07b5e78ceda8eDc8dA3FE). Select how much BNB you want to use and set slippage to 16%. Confirm your transaction & hit “Swap”.

sRVLX — (Receives Rewards)

Option 1:

Send BEP-20 BNB to the sRVLX contract (0x73abBf935BF87E9045E8d8F283a96D4C8e4283C3) and you will receive sRVLX in return and begin receiving rewards.

Option 2 (Coming Soon):

Via our dApp, you will be able to purchase your RVLX & stake them into sRVLX to receive rewards.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, please reach out to us on any of our Social Media platforms.








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