Environmentally Friendly Bitcoin Mining?

2 min readApr 13, 2022

With the recent news that Tesla will be building a solar powered bitcoin mining facility in Texas, it begs the question, what does this development hold for the future of Crypto?

In the ever changing court of public opinion, Bitcoin mining and cyrpto in general has consistently been given a failing grade when it comes to it’s treatment of Mother Earth. Mining consumes vast amounts of electricity and puts a strain on our dependence on natural resources to produce it. In the past, companies have toyed with the idea of using renewable energy to power these bitcoin mining rigs, but the cost to produce the renewable energy has outweighed the output.

Things might be about to change.

With Tesla on board, there is chatter in the crypto community that if anyone can figure out the right balance to make it cost-efficient to produce bitcoin with renewable energy, Tesla is the company for the job.

What does this mean for the crypto community at large?

One of the major barriers of wide-spread crypto acceptance is it’s perceived environmental issues. If a company can make the mining profitable and make it finally environmentally friendly, crypto is set for many years to come.

The RevivalDeFi team is conscientiously aware of social and environmental issues. We strive to make our ecosystem safe, friendly, and to minimize any negative impact we may have on our planet.

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